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real talk - 

I'm a Pisces and I married a fish farmer,
I think that makes me a fish-wife.

real woman

real boy mom

real voice

real easy going


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real talk - 

I was born on St. Patrick's Day so duh, it's my favorite holiday.

Custom built, double-walled iso booth

Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone

Apogee Duet 2 interface

Mac Workstation with Adobe Audition

real sessions

Phone Patch


Source Connect Standard


studio stats

real sound, for real vo

i'm basically a tom-boy

with a mic


real talk - 

My socks never match...ever. I'm not even sure I own a matching pair.

A karaoke machine was my first love. I was about ten years old and man did I sound just as good as Whitney Houston :)! I wouldn’t just sing badly into it, I would talk. . . a lot. I loved how alien my own voice sounded coming through those speakers, plus my cat really liked the echo effect. My parents would say “think before you speak!' Instead of controlling it, I decided to channel it.

First with school choir, then writing, through the radio, and now voiceover. In radio I learned audio editing, voiceover, and of course, how to clean a carte machine but from then on, every job I took was to support my voiceover habit. 

After college, I worked in country and rock radio in production and programming. I was a television traffic reporter, audio editor at an on-hold message company, and even worked at an ad agency startup.  Eventually, I landed in Twin Falls, Idaho on a classic rock station. My plan was to stay for two years and then move on to a larger market. However, I was introduced to 'this guy', a fish farmer. I wasn’t interested. He was pretty persistent and kept asking me out on dates. Eventually, I caved and I married my fish farmer stalker. Two kids later, I’m still in Idaho. 

If you're still with me, this website is like a scrapbook of my life. Each image represents a different part of me and tells you something about my story. Like my favorite coffee mug.

Best Effin'



I left broadcasting for higher education and worked at the College of Southern Idaho, in Admissions and Public Information. All the while I was building my voice over business into a self-sustaining company. So here I am. A real talker. I'm a mom, a black belt in Isshinryu Karate. Florida is home but now, so is Idaho. I drink craft beer. I'm a Tomboy who loves rollercoasters and ALL the football - NFL, college, fantasy, even soccer. My favorite color is green. All I need is a microphone and my boys. If you like my work give me a good ol' pat on the back. But no hugs. I'm not a hugger.  

Hire me as your voiceover for a similar sound to Jennifer Lawrence, Laura Prepon, Tina Fey, Jodie Foster, Anna Faris, Amy Schumer or Ellen Degeneres. Fun, fast, easy-going authentic, and strong. 


real talk - 

The last 4 digits of my cell phone spell  'phat'  -  I've had it since I was 18!

real clients


real talk - 

I'll run a 5K with my family...for the free T-shirt & the snacks at the end.



According to the Myers–Briggs Indicator, I am the albino unicorn of personality types. I'm part of 0.8% of the population that is both female and INTJ. I'm highly analytical, creative & logical. I don't join the crowd & “girl stuff” is like a foreign language to me. So don't ask me to wear girly-shoes or high heels. I can't. I fall over. 

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