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Auditions are Like Dates

Auditions are like dating and LinkedIn is like Tinder.

In this strange example, I’m on LinkedIn and say I post a voice over project that I worked on recently. Now instead of swiping right (or is it left, I’ve never been on Tinder) you send me a direct message, we start a conversation, then you have me audition your project.

At this point, you think I sound good, there’s an attraction, but am I crazy…are you crazy? That’s why we go on our coffee date or audition.

During the audition you are trying to figure out if my voice will fit your project, but I also have a feeling you are trying to see:

  • What does my studio really sound like?

  • How long will it take for me to respond?

  • Do I ask good questions?

  • Do I seek clarification?

  • Do I self-direct well?

  • Do I give you multiple takes?

  • How’s are my production skills?

  • How do I interpret your script?

  • How do I deliver the audio?

  • How do I follow up?

  • Am I annoying to work with?

  • Am I crazy?

  • Do I mess up? And if I do mess it up, how do I handle it? (Because we’re all humans here, I believe it’s all in the recovery.

SO that’s what you are trying to figure out about me.

Here’s what I’m trying to decide:

  • Do you communicate well?

  • Are you looking for quality or just a transaction? (I’m after those who seek and understand quality voice over and not just a transaction.)

  • What kind of projects do you work on? Is this something I personally believe in, which doesn’t always have to happen, but it’s nice when it does.

  • Is this a client I could refer one of my other voice over friends to?

Sure an audition is about seeing if I can pull off the job, but it’s also a laid back way to see if we both work well together and want to continue to work together.

That is why auditions are like a coffee date…on that note I’m so glad I’m married, because real dating sucks!

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