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Internal Monologues

When you need to be someone’s internal monologue...Ya know those voice overs when you need to sound like the internal monologue inside someone’s head, but inside THIER HEAD, NOT your head?

The fun part about voice over is I get to play other people and sometimes multiple people at once and get inside their heads.

Luckily, I am an introvert and naturally live here…in my own head….every…second…of my life.

You see I’m a natural observer of life, people, social situations. At times I feel like an alien from another planet, watching how others interact only to assimilate and parrot the human race to fit in…when honestly, I’m just weird…but now it's my voice over super power.


Anyway, have you ever stopped to listen to the inside of your mind? It’s a crazy house in there, mine at least. So there are all these forces at play…internal monologue, childhood memories, memories from five seconds ago when you were slighted by the candy machine in the break room, that “talk” you need to have with your boss, and on and on.

So knowing we all have these racing thoughts in our heads…most of the time, allows me to know that when I am asked to play the part of someone’s internal monologue, I am doing a couple of things simultaneously.

So I pull up the script and any notes about the script, the product, service, company, direction, anything of note. OK, I’ve established the context of the ad, video, whatever the project is.

Next, who is talking…or thinking in this case? Where are they now? What just happened to them? What has happened to them? Where is their head at?

OK, now who’s my audience, what are they thinking, feeling, doing when they watch this video? How will the audience react to what my character is thinking?

Then I put it all together and do the voice.

Honestly, I was challenged to break down my process and it sounds like a lot, but it happens so quickly so automatically now, but that is why I ask for context, I ask for voice direction, I look at who the company is, what the product or service is.

Perks of being an introvert. Use what you’ve got.

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