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How a PSA Saved a Sea Turtle

I’ll age myself, but I always remember to cut the plastic apart on those soda can plastic holder deals. Does anyone know what they are actually called?

Anyway, as a kid, I recall hearing a PSA about how the plastic gets wrapped around sea turtle's heads and well, that’s not cool. The PSA instructed me to cut the plastic up and then recycle it, which is what I still do today. I was born in Florida, so I lived by the ocean and all.

Knowing that kids are impressionable, I really enjoy doing voice over content for the kiddo’s. Plus, learning rocks! Here’s a video I completed for Kid’s Academy, teaching the youth about scarcity and conservation. AND, I'm a mom, so having videos like this to help me teach my kids...I love the age I live in.


I have this strange urge for a Sunkist now.

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