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Keeping it Fresh

I’ve been reading the same Halloween book to my five year old for so long that I don’t even read it, I recite it. 

The only way I can cope is by changing up the tone, direction, mood, tempo, voices, anything and everything about it. 

Not only is this a great way to practice voice over, but my son thinks I’m fabulous! But don’t take advice from a five year old (unless it’s about good snacks to buy), here’s what a recent client had to say about me:

"Kelly is versatile and easy to work with, professional, and timely. She's always responsive to the unique needs of each of our videos, willing to explore various approaches to any given piece of copy. Kelly responds well to direction and is able to translate it quickly to varied deliveries and inflections on the fly. A standout voice-over artist, I'd recommend anyone work with Kelly.” 

-Brandon Farmer, Pixter, Owner


I will be out of the studio during the following dates and times:

  • November 23 - 30, 2019

  • December 13 - 25, 2019

Happy Halloween!


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