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Voice Over Started in the Summer of 2004

My love affair with voice over started in the summer of 2004. I was touring a radio station when the station’s Production Director said to me, “I love your voice, want to be my intern?” 

His question shook me, so much, that I paused from petting the carpeted walls (it calms me, OK). That was the first time I ever heard someone complement me about my voice.

I was in! How could I say no? I already mentioned the padded walls, but all those buttons and shiny microphones!

That summer, I learned my way around ProTools and a microphone. My first commercial was a tag for Blue Bell Ice Cream. I remember listening to the radio all day long, NOT for the music, but to hear MY commercial.

That internship took place at my local community college. Community College changed my life, which is why I get so excited to now voice for projects just like this!

Oh, after community college, I was able to transfer to a university, and eventually continue to get my masters degree. Today, I'm helping my kiddo learn how to read and do math. While math scares me, we are having the best time learning together...Learning rocks!

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